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High School Production of Alien

April 17, 2019

She played Ellen Ripley in the Alien movies and Sigourney Weaver revealed her love for a high school production of the 1979 Ridley Scott classic, on Thursday.

The 69-year-old actress shared a video praising the North Bergen High School students in New Jersey, whose staging of Alien went viral earlier this month. The three-time Academy Award nominee was seen in a YouTube clip, talking directly to the students. It looked incredible, you put so much heart and soul into that and the alien, I must say, looked very real to me.

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"I just wanted to send our compliments. Not only from me, but from James Cameron and the original screenwriter Walter Hill. We all say "Bravo. Well done," she told them. 

The Gorillas In The Mist star looked radiant, with fans commenting on how she hasn't aged since the original movie. The star also had a small warning about the Xenomorphs for the students, whose video of their shoe-string production went viral and garnered nearly 3 million social media hits. 

She concluded: "You know the alien might still be around. So shhh. When you're opening your locker, just do it very slowly." 

Whereas the movie had a budget in the range of about $10 million, Alien: The Play had costumes, props and set designs made mostly from donated and recycled materials so that the total cost of the play was under $3,500. North Bergen High School doesn't even have a theater department; there is no annual high school musical. 

Source: TheDailyMail